About me

Hi, I’m Grant Patterson, and this is my blog about all the things related to postage stamps.I was born to english parents in Manchester 31 years ago and I’ve had my fair share of crazy experiences, but life is a bit more conservative these days! I live in British Columbia with my wife Peggy and two lovely daughters. I had a great collection of stamps and recently sold it after I lost my job. Believe it or not it fetched a fortune… $40000.

I really feel that in these tumultuous times we’re constantly being bombarded with negativity, either through the media or the people around us with their first world problems. I would like to focus on some of the more positive things in life, after all there are still good people in the world and amazing places to be discovered. My blog will explore some of interesting things about postage stamps and the beautiful area in which I live, alongside my search for employment.


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