Where to Get the Best Stamp Collection Supplies

Where to Get the Best Stamp Collection Supplies

Unlike other hobbies where you would require expensive and mandatory equipment to enjoy them, stamp collectors can enjoy collecting stamps with only a few items. Stamp collector tools fall in 2 main categories; the absolutely necessary and great supplies that will come in handy when your budget is right. Most stamp collecting supplies can be acquired through: stamp supply dealers, local stores selling office supplies, warehouse-type stores or you could travel to the Tokyo stationery fair for specialized stamp collecting supplies. The essential must-have stamp collection supplies include an album, stamp mounts or hinges, glassine envelopes and stamp tongs. However, if you are looking to ensure that your collection is in tip-top condition, you will need essential stamp collector tools. Some of these include tongs, magnifying glass and a perforation gauge. Special stamp collecting supplies include stock books, color key and ultra-violet lamps. In some stamp supply stores you will find guillotine and rotary paper cutters, glue sticks, acid-free paper, paper testers, padded binders, high-quality page protectors, and light boxes. However if you do decide to attend the Tokyo fair, make sure you have fun and buy enough supplies to help you organize your stamp collection.


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