Stanley Gibbons the online place for stamp collectors

Stanley Gibbons -Penny Red on Sale

Stanley Gibbons is a heaven for philately lovers. The wide range of collection of stamps Stanley Gibbons has is unmatched. The recent innovation is the online marketplace where stamp collectors can buy and sell from their collection. This exciting endeavour started with building a basic auction website in 2014. In 2015 more features have been added and now it is more of a web portal. It has added a feature where buyers and sellers can communicate via the portal to buy/sell their collections or individual stamps. For stamps worth less than 50 GBP there is an eBay like service. The buyer’s money is kept in an Escrow account until they receive their item. They have also included coins and with acquisition of Mallett PLC, antique furniture is also there. So it is a full pawn shop and it is online. This endeavour has seen Stanley Gibbons revenues rising all through 2015. Wealthy people are buying collectibles both as hobby and investment. Recently the 1841 Penny Red is up for auction. Go grab it collectors- wish I could!!


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