Stamp Fairs and The Future

CANADA - CIRCA 1986: A stamp printed in Canada from the Expo 86 World's Fair issue shows Vancouver transportation, circa 1986.
Stamp from the Canadian Expo 1986 – World’s Fair

I had a great visit last month down the road to the Victoria Stamp and postcard fair. It was great to be with others who have the same passion as I. It was an extra pleasure for me, as I felt I could visit the fair with no discomfort, no feeling guilty. I am back at work, actually have been now for 2.5 months but did not want to jinx it by saying anything. I now have a 3 year contract and I feel like a real burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Selling most of my collection has kept our heads above water but it still has not been easy and money doesn’t stretch forever.   At last we can get the car sorted, thought we would be in dire straits this winter with it but now I am working I got a payday loan from and the car is serviced and good to go. Some of the jobs around the house are now completed and I for the first time, in what feels like forever, have been able to go to stamp fair with some money in my pocket. After what I sold the collection for and the fact I sold it, has given Peggy a lot more trust in what she now calls investment rather than ‘my hobby’.

I did not buy at this event, nothing really caught my eye but planning to come again as they are held pretty regularly around here, might even go a bit further afield when the weather improves. I am also keeping my eyes and ears open on any dealer offers or  collector sales. Peggy and I plan to visit a lot more car boots and fairs next year to see if we can spot/find a bargain.  B.C has had a thriving philately community for many years, who knows what gems we might find. Might even get to the big fair in Montreal next year, not been there in a while. Having Peggy with me and sharing this will be fun. Who thought stamps could save a marriage, well it certainly went a long towards saving mine in this last tough year.


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