Stamp Albums – History and general stuff

The act of collecting stamps is a pleasurable one for many.  The reason why people collect stamps across the globe varies from hobby to money-making ventures.  The trade in stamps has become a big venture and many people now even take it as their sole source on income on the internet.

The origin of the stamps can be traced to Penny Black which was the pioneer stamp that came to be in the 1840s. The stamp got the name Penny black from the fact that it was totally black in color and was sold at the rate of one penny.  Followed by this came the 2 penny blue, this name too was derived from the cost of the stamp and the color respectively.


Today you will find Stamp Albums that hold a vast collection of stamps.  These collections can go as far back as the earliest stamp to the present stamps available. The common feature that you find in the stamps that are sold across the world is that the stamps contain a mark of the country it originates from.  The stamp also is made available at the lowest unit cost that the country has and can go as much as a hundred times the unit cost.  When collecting stamps, the point of interest is usually in the denomination of the stamps.  The denomination is usually in series and a collector takes time to acquire all the denomination that is in a series.

When you decide to go into stamp collection, you can take time to determine the cost of the value of a stamp before proceeding lest your stamp albums are filled with junks.  A collector should look out for commemorative stamps.  These stamps were only used for a short period or by a particular location or a respectable family (Royal Family). This stamp holds great value and is a plus when added into your album of stamps.  Other stamps that you should consider include the Mint stamps (used strictly for sending mails).  Before venturing into collecting stamps check the internet for information on the value of stamps.  This will serve as a guide, helping you to stick only to the stamps that are of value. Once distinctions in the value have been ascertained by you, you can proceed on to collecting stamps.


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